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At SembCorp Industries, we recognise that to be a truly successful company we must have a strong social commitment to improving the world around us. We see corporate citizenship as an integral part of every decision and action we take. This directly influences how we conduct our business and how we interact with the world at large.

This means:
  • Aiming to make a difference in the world and the communities we operate in
  • Protecting and enhancing the environment we live in

Community & Volunteerism
Businesses can only be as successful as the communities and the world they exist in. We take this commitment seriously and participate actively in the communities where we live and work.

We believe that a true commitment to our communities goes beyond just financial aid. That is why we encourage and support our employees in their desire to make a difference in their communities through their contributions of time and business experience.

Our staff started 2002 with a visit to the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, bringing gifts, food and entertainment to the children at the Home as we celebrated the new year with them.

SMOE of Utilities raised some S$85,000 at their annual SMOE Singapore Oil Patch Charity Golf Tournament in aid of the Singapore Children’s Society, while SembCorp Environmental Management (SembEnviro) launched its first major corporate philanthropy programme for needy children with a donation of S$20,888 to the Jamiyah Children’s Home for its operating needs.

Relying on simple yet meaningful efforts such as collecting newspapers and Christmas carolling, SembCorp Engineers and Constructors collected over S$27,000 for the ASPN Katong Special School, Yishun Students Care Service, the Singapore Cheshire Home, and the MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) Tampines Home, and another S$31,000 for the Community Chest of Singapore.

Believing that we should also make a difference in our communities using our business expertise, SembCorp Logistics joined the Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box Programme as its logistics consultant. We helped collect gifts and food from Sharity Gift Boxes across the island and transported them to our warehouse where items were sorted for distribution to more than 110 charities. We provided warehouse space and storage pallets for these gifts, while our staff spent much of their personal time sorting out the gifts.

As an engineering services group, we understand how important quality education is to prepare our children for the future. In particular, the less privileged and needy children have a particular place in our hearts.

In 2002, SembEnviro launched its Environmental Management Scholarship, an annual scholarship scheme to provide tertiary education to all children residing in homes. The first corporation to offer a local tertiary scholarship that extends to all 15 of our nation’s homes for children, the scholarships are worth some S$50,000 annually. Apart from the financial help, SembEnviro will also offer the scholars job positions in the company on completion of their scholarships. A programme similar to the Environmental Management Scholarship will also be made available to the children of SembEnviro’s staff who are in need of financial assistance.

SembCorp Gas (SembGas) and SembCorp Power (SembPower) were the main sponsors for the National University of Singapore’s Engineering Club orientation programme, while SembCorp Marine (SembMarine) set aside S$250,000 in subsidies to help low-income families to buy school essentials. A School Book Assistance Grant was provided to families living in areas near Jurong Shipyard and Sembawang Shipyard as part of our Community Responsibility and Care Programme. This was set up specifically to help families in the surrounding areas in times of need.

Apart from supporting the education of our next generation, we also believe that as part of corporate transparency, it is important for our shareholders to have the right tools and skills to be able to hold us accountable. To this end, we believe that investor education is of great importance and we are sponsors of the Securities Investors Association Singapore which provides education, information and research for retail investors in Singapore.

Arts & Culture
Arts and culture are the living and breathing building blocks to the quality of life in our communities. We support the arts to ensure that it keeps playing that important role in peoples’ lives.

In recognition of SembCorp Industries’ on-going support of the Arts, we received the Arts Supporter Award 2002 at the Patron of the Arts Awards. This recognised our sponsorship of a recording of works by the local composer, the late Tsao Chieh, who was a member of the management team which founded Pacific Internet.

SembMarine also sponsored the National University of Singapore’s Raffles Hall production of the musical “Merson’s Gift Shop”, and contributed towards efforts in the “Peace Initiative”, the Singapore American School’s annual concert that raises funds for the education of children in developing countries.

Sports & Fitness
Team Spirit, Endurance, Speed and Perseverance - these are the values we see in athletic commitment, and values we would like to pass on through our brand sponsorship of sports.

As part of our on-going support of sports in Singapore, SembGas and SembPower are official sponsors of the Football Association of Singapore’s S League and the Woodlands Wellington Football Club in Singapore. Apart from the sponsorship which amounted to S$330,000 per year, the two Utilities units also held a charity football game, the SembCorp Charity Kick, and raised a total of S$122,000 for Club Rainbow, a non-profit organisation that supports children with chronic illnesses. SembGas and SembPower were also sponsors of the 8th Singapore Straits Regatta held in January.

Not only are we committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety and environment (See Health, Safety and Environment section), but protecting and preserving the environment we live in is something we hold very close to our heart.

As a responsible member of the global community, we do what we can to protect and enhance the environment and the world we live in. In fact, the very nature of our business aims to help reduce adverse environmental impacts. Key to this is the contribution made by our Environmental Engineering business.

In this year’s report, we share with you an essay from Loh Wai Kiew, President & CEO of our Environmental Engineering business. Wai Kiew, who is also the Chairman of the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore, plays an important role in creating environmental awareness in Singapore. She shares here about how all of us at SembCorp Industries see our role and responsibility to the environment and the solid steps we have taken to meet environmental challenges with innovation and determination.

Aiming To Make A Difference In Our World

Protecting And EnhancingThe Environment

Essay from Loh Wai Kiew