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Full Version of Annual Report 2003 4.5Mb
Corporate Information 53Kb
Listings 59Kb
Notice of Annual General Meeting 61Kb
Proxy Form 72Kb
passion: to deliver 329Kb
passion: to lead 272Kb
Chairman's Statement 72Kb
Interview with the CEO 82Kb
Board of Directors 189Kb
Key Executives 203Kb
passion: to achieve 255Kb
Financial Review 73Kb
Significant Events 132Kb
Awards and Accolades 144Kb
passion: to serve 314Kb
Utilities 369Kb
Engineering & Construction 253Kb
Environment Engineering 271Kb
Logistics 302Kb
Marine Engineering 180Kb
Our Global Presence 112Kb
passion: for quality 277Kb
Corporate Governance Report 88Kb
Financial Management 54Kb
Enterprise Risk Management 82Kb
Investor Relations 82KB
passion: to develop 273Kb
Human Resources 118Kb
Corporate Citizenship 329Kb
Technology and Innovation 279Kb
passion: to perform 302Kb
Statutory Accounts 49Kb
Supplementary Information 58Kb

EVA Statement

Five-Year Performance 74Kb
Shareholders' Information 65Kb