Left to right:
1st row:
Tang Kin Fei,
Lim Joke Mui,
Low Sin Leng

2nd row:
Wong Heang Fine,
Heng Chiang Gnee,
Koh Soo Keong

3rd row:
Tan Kwi Kin

Corporate Management

Key Line Management
Key Executives


Tang Kin Fei
Group President & CEO
Joined 1987.
Mr Tang is the Group President and CEO of SembCorp Industries. Prior to assuming this office in May 2005, he was President and CEO of SembCorp Utilities and the key driver behind the evolution of SembCorp’s integrated utilities and energy business into a global leader in the market. Notably, he spearheaded the development of Singapore’s first multi-utility facility on Jurong Island as well as the nation’s first privately developed power plant. Mr Tang also drove the landmark West Natuna Gas Sales Agreement for the import of natural gas into Singapore and forged the expansion of SembCorp Utilities overseas.

Mr Tang serves as a director on the board of BIL International Limited, International Enterprise Singapore as well as major companies and overseas associates of the SembCorp Group. Mr Tang holds a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Singapore and attended the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD.

Lim Joke Mui
Group Chief Financial Officer
Joined 2002.
Mrs Lim is responsible for the Finance, Treasury, Tax and Risk Management of SembCorp Industries and oversees these functions across the Group.

She has more than 27 years of experience in corporate finance, accounting, tax and other corporate functions. During Mrs Lim’s 23-year career with DBS Land and CapitaLand Commercial Groups, she managed large financing transactions via the equity and debt markets and was involved in corporate exercises such as the merger of Pidemco and DBS Land to form CapitaLand, takeovers and initial public offerings. Mrs Lim is a director on the boards of various SembCorp Group companies. She holds a B Acc from the University of Singapore.

Low Sin Leng
Senior Executive Director, CEO’s office
Joined 2000.
Ms Low is concurrently the Executive Chairman of SembCorp Parks Holdings, Chairman of SemHotel Management, Deputy Chairman of SembCorp Utilities and director on the boards of various SembCorp Group companies. Prior to joining SembCorp, she was the Executive Vice President of Singapore Power and had served 20 years in the Singapore Government Administrative Service holding several senior positions in the Ministries of Finance, Trade & Industry and Education. She holds an MBA (High Distinction) from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, a B Eng (Distinction) from the University of Alberta, Canada and attended Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.

Wong Heang Fine
President & CEO, SembCorp Engineers and Constructors
Joined 2002.
Mr Wong is responsible for spearheading the company’s drive towards process engineering and design, as well as increasing its focus on international growth markets such as China, India and the Middle East. He brings with him extensive management experience garnered during his earlier tenure in Cathay Organisation. Prior to this, he pioneered the infrastructure development of an industrial estate and resort on Bintan Island, Indonesia, while at Singapore Technologies Industrial Corporation. In addition, he has served as Director (Infrastructure) of L&M Group Investments and General Manager for Metrobilt Group of Companies. Mr Wong holds an MSc in Engineering Production and Management from University of Birmingham, UK, and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (First Class) from University of Leeds, UK.

Heng Chiang Gnee
President & CEO, SembCorp Environmental Management
Joined 1994.
Mr Heng is the newly-appointed President & CEO of SembCorp Environmental Management. Prior to the appointment, he was Deputy President of SembCorp Marine. Mr Heng holds a B Eng (First Class) in Marine Engineering from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He also obtained an MSc in Management from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and attended Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.

Koh Soo Keong
President & CEO, SembCorp Logistics
Joined 1986.
With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, Mr Koh played a pivotal role in the development of SembCorp Logistics into Asia’s leading integrated logistics company, since its formation from the merger of Sembawang Marine Logistics and Singapore Technologies Logistics in 1999. Under his leadership, SembCorp Logistics expanded its supply chain and oil and gas logistics operations to 16 countries and today, it operates one of the most extensive supply chain networks in Asia. Mr Koh is also the Non-Executive Chairman of Sembawang Kimtrans. He holds an MBA, a B Eng (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Law from the University of Singapore.

Tan Kwi Kin
Group President & CEO, SembCorp Marine
Joined 1966.
A veteran of the marine industry with four decades of experience, Mr Tan is respected for his “hands on” management style and business acumen. He rose through the ranks at Jurong Shipyard, having started his career as a Junior Engineer in the Design department in 1966 and was appointed its Managing Director in 1990. He was behind the successful merger of Jurong Shipyard and Sembawang Shipyard in 1997, as well as the implementation of SembCorp Marine’s global hub strategy, engineering acquisitions in Brazil and China. He is also the Chairman of Jurong Shipyard, Sembawang Shipyard, PPL Shipyard, JPL Corporation, Bulk Trade, JPL Industries, Jurong Integrated Services and Jurong SML. Mr Tan has a B Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Tokyo University, Japan.

Corporate Management

Lee Soon Eng
Executive Vice President

Foo Fei Voon
Group Financial Controller

Goh Kim Leong
Group Internal Audit

Lillian Lee
Group Human Resource

Lim Suet Boey
Group Legal

Richard Quek
Group Mergers & Acquisitions

Lau Gar Ning
Senior Vice President
Group Asset Management

Sim Cher Khee
Group Chief Risk Officer

Peter Tan
Senior Vice President
Group Corporate Planning
& Strategic Development

Beh Siew Kim
Vice President
Group Reporting & Policies

Chionh Keat Yee
Vice President
Economic Value-Added

April Lee
Vice President
Group Corporate Relations

Roy Lim
Vice President
Group Tax

Jasmine Teo

Vice President
Group Information Technology

Kwong Sook May
Company Secretary
Key Line Management

Francis Gomez
Executive Vice President
SCU Singapore

Paul Gavens
Executive Vice President

Ho Nee Sin
Senior Vice President
SCU China

Ken Readshaw
Senior Vice President
SCU International

Chia Fook Eng
General Manager
SCU Offshore Engineering
Engineering & Construction    
Alwyn Bowden
Chief Operating Officer
SembCorp Engineers
and Constructors
Managing Director
SembCorp Simon-Carves

Tham Seng Fee
Vice President
SembCorp Engineers and Constructors Singapore
Daniel Lim
Managing Director
ST Architects & Engineers

Lim Kah Hing
Managing Director
SembCorp Design & Construction

Ho Kok Kee
Vice President
SembCorp (Tianjin)
Construction Engineering (China)

Gan Chin Kian
SembCorp Infrastructure (India)

Michael Tan Choy Seng
General Manager
Sempec (Indonesia)

James Hadden
Regional Director (UAE)
SembCorp Engineers and Constructors (Middle East)
Environmental Engineering    
Michael Ho
Chief Operating Officer
SembCorp Environmental

Philippe Maillard

Managing Director
SembSITA (Australia)
Tan Tze Shang
Country Director
SembEnviro China
Thomas Khoman
Chief Executive Officer
SembRamky Environmental Management (India)
Charles Chan
Chief Operating Officer
SembCorp Logistics

Lim Yeow Beng
Executive Vice President,
SembCorp Logistics
Fong Cheng Kee
Chief Executive Officer
ST-Airport Services

Chua Eng Boon
Managing Director
Singapore Offshore
Petroleum Services
Loi Kum Sai
General Manager
Shenzhen ST-Anda Logistics

Nelson Cho
Managing Director
SembCorp Logistics (India)
Marine Engineering    
Wong Weng Sun
President & COO
SembCorp Marine /
Managing Director
Jurong Shipyard

Ong Poh Kwee
Deputy President
SembCorp Marine /
Managing Director
Sembawang Shipyard
Ong Tian Khiam
Managing Director
PPL Shipyard

Ng Thiam Poh
Managing Director
Jurong SML /
President Director
Karimun Sembawang
Shipyard (Indonesia)
Chan Nai Eng
Chief Executive Officer
Mauá Jurong (Brazil)

Liu Chin Peng
Deputy General Manager
Cosco Shipyard Group
Low Sin Leng
Executive Chairman
SembCorp Parks Holdings /
SembCorp Parks
Kelvin Teo
President & COO
SembCorp Parks Holdings
Michael Ng
President & CEO
The Singapore Mint