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The year saw Sembcorp achieving record turnover and operating profits before exceptional items (EI). Group turnover increased by 6% to S$8.6 billion. Group profit after tax and minority interest (PATMI) before EI in 2007 was S$557.2 million compared to S$380.8 million in 2006, representing a growth of 46%. Turnover from continuing operations increased by 15% to S$8.6 billion. PATMI before EI from continuing operations rose by 49% to S$557.2 million. Strong business fundamentals continue to drive Sembcorp's growth, backed by positive operating performance from Utilities' Singapore and UK operations and Marine & Offshore Engineering's rig building and ship repair businesses.

The Group recorded a net exceptional loss of S$31.0 million during the year, due to the Group's share of losses recognised by the Marine & Offshore Engineering business relating to unauthorised foreign exchange transactions, which were partially offset by gains on the sale of certain investments.
The Group achieved a robust performance, posting a record PATMI after EI of S$1.0 billion, a growth of 240% over 2005. Turnover from continuing operations increased by 30% to a record S$7.5 billion. PATMI before EI from continuing operations rose by 52% to S$373.1 million, driven mainly by strong performance from Utilities' UK operations and higher operating margins from Marine & Offshore Engineering's rig building and ship repair businesses.

The Group recorded exceptional gains of S$650.2 million. These comprised the net gain on the sale of subsidiaries and other financial assets, tax benefits relating to compensation and related costs incurred in the Solitaire arbitration and write-back of impairment for property, plant and equipment. These were partially offset by an additional charge arising from the final settlement of the Solitaire arbitration as well as a loss from the sale of a subsidiary.
Sembcorp's turnover increased by 25% from S$5.9 billion in 2004 to S$7.4 billion in 2005. The Group's PATMI before EI was S$278.5 million compared to S$227.7 million in 2004, representing a 22% growth driven mainly by Utilities' UK operations and growth across all of Marine & Offshore Engineering's business units, in particular offshore conversion and rig building. PATMI excluding the profit contribution from Kuehne & Nagel (KNI) and EI was 45% higher as compared to 2004.
Sembcorp delivered robust results for the year, with strong operating performances by most operating units and higher divestment gains. Turnover for the Group grew 28% to S$5.9 billion, net profit attributed to shareholders grew by 37% to S$391.5 million, while PATMI before EI went up by 24% to S$227.7 million. The Utilities, Marine & Offshore Engineering and Logistics businesses were the three main contributors to the Group's PATMI and profit growth over 2003.

During the year, the Group recorded a net exceptional gain of S$163.8 million arising from the gains on disposal of investments, reduced by write-offs for work in progress and provisions for legal claims and costs.
The year saw good growth for Sembcorp. Turnover grew by 11% to S$4.6 billion, mainly due to the Utilities business' strong operating performance, as well as contributions from new acquisitions by the Utilities, Marine & Offshore Engineering and Environmental Management businesses.

Group PATMI after EI rose to S$285.1 million, 66% higher than the previous year, despite a difficult operating environment and a volatile market. Growth was driven by the strong performance of existing businesses, contributions from new subsidiaries acquired during the year and divestment gains of S$101.5 million.
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