At Sembcorp, we aim to build sustainable businesses that create and deliver long-term value.

Our commitment to shareholders is unwavering. We act always in their interest, developing robust business models and distinctive capabilities, and responsibly operating and excelling in each of our businesses.

At the same time, we continue to invest for growth in a disciplined manner, nimbly seizing opportunities to position Sembcorp for the future and maximise long-term returns.

Essential Solutions

Sembcorp is a provider of products and services which are essential in nature, such as energy, water and urban solutions. Globally, long-term demand for these essential solutions continues to grow.

From meeting the critical energy and water needs of industries and households, to supporting development and improving the quality of life, the continued relevance of our solutions is a key strength and the bedrock on which our resilience is built.

Focused Delivery

As we strengthen our global capabilities and serve our customers, we maintain a keen focus on delivery.

We strive for safe, excellent operations and aim to execute and deliver our projects well, while consistently reflecting the high standards for which our brand is known. A strong track record sets us apart, along with a reputation for efficiency, quality and reliability.

Opportunities for Growth

At Sembcorp, we take a long-term strategic approach that focuses on shareholder value. Global megatrends, including infrastructure development in emerging markets, greater emphasis on renewables and escalating water stress, present opportunities for our long-term growth.

Strategically positioned in rapidly developing economies, with a strong project pipeline, increasing land bank and full spectrum of marine and offshore solutions, Sembcorp is poised to seize opportunities for growth. Furthermore, we are actively strengthening our capabilities and investing in deeper expertise to build platforms for the future.