Sembcorp’s Technology Advisory Panel advises the company on technological developments in line with its growth strategies.

The panel oversees the development and application of significant emerging and potentially disruptive technologies to enhance Sembcorp’s position as a leading energy and water company, and ensures the appropriate management of specialised research and development projects and systems for intellectual property creation and protection.

In addition, the panel reviews and approves the vision and strategy for technology developments at Sembcorp, including projects or technologies identified for research and development, and advises Sembcorp’s leadership on technological trends and opportunities. Members of the panel also introduce new and emerging technologies and companies to the Group and regularly advise on topical issues and technologies in their respective fields of interest and expertise.


PhD in Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA

BEng (First Class Honours) in Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Ng is a professor and Deputy Head (Administration) at NUS’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as Director of the Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Laboratory. He has over 20 years of experience in biological wastewater treatment and membrane processes for water reuse and seawater desalination and has served as a consultant on municipal wastewater treatment and reuse, industrial effluent treatment and seawater desalination in Singapore, China, Japan and the USA. Dr Ng is a fellow of the International Water Association (IWA) and a member of the Management Committee of the IWA Specialist Group on Membrane Technology.