Key Executives

  • Neil McGregor

    Group President & CEO  

    Mr McGregor is Group President & CEO of Sembcorp Industries. He is a member of the board’s Executive Committee and Technology Advisory Panel.

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  • Graham Cockroft

    Group Chief Financial Officer

    Mr Cockroft is Group Chief Financial Officer of Sembcorp Industries.

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  • Wong Weng Sun

    President & CEO, 
    Sembcorp Marine

    Mr Wong is President & CEO of Sembcorp Marine. He is also a member of Sembcorp Marine’s board Executive Committee.

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  • Koh Chiap Khiong

    Head, Singapore, SEA & China (Energy)

    Mr Koh is Head of Singapore, Southeast Asia and China at Sembcorp.

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  • Vipul Tuli

    Head, India (Energy)

    Mr Tuli heads Sembcorp’s India business and oversees Sembcorp’s investments and key stakeholder relationships within India.

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  • Ng Meng Poh

    Head, Global Operations

    Mr Ng heads Sembcorp’s Global Operations Group which provides engineering and process expertise to enhance and optimise operations and maintenance of Sembcorp’s utilities worldwide.

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  • Nomi Ahmad

    Head, United Kingdom (Energy)

    Mr Ahmad heads Sembcorp’s UK business, which includes the Wilton International-based industrial utilities and services provider, Sembcorp Utilities UK and UK Power Reserve.

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  • Sriram Narayanan

    Head, Gas & Power

    Mr Narayanan heads Sembcorp’s Gas & Power business, including its piped natural gas and LNG businesses, as well as its power and centralised utilities businesses.

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  • Tan Cheng Guan

    Head, Renewables & Environment

    Mr Tan is the Head of Sembcorp’s Renewables & Environment business, including its renewable energy, water as well as waste-to-resource businesses.

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  • Namesh Hansjee

    Head, Merchant & Retail

    Namesh Hansjee is the Head of Merchant & Retail for Sembcorp’s Utilities business.

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  • Kelvin Teo

    Urban Development

    Mr Teo is CEO of Sembcorp's Urban Development business, and he focuses on the overall planning, positioning, development, marketing and management of our integrated urban developments comprising industrial parks, innovation hubs, commercial and residential projects.

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  • Matthew Friedman

    Chief Digital Officer

    Matthew Friedman is Chief Digital Officer of Sembcorp Industries. His focus is on driving business growth through the digitalisation of business operations and processes.

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  • Looi Lee Hwa

    General Counsel

    Ms Looi is General Counsel of Sembcorp Industries, and oversees legal, compliance and ethics matters as well as corporate secretariat functions within the Group.

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  • Wendy Foong

    Chief Human Resource Officer

    Wendy Foong is Chief Human Resource Officer of Sembcorp Industries, responsible for all aspects of Sembcorp’s human resource management and organisation development.

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