Vision & Strategy

Our Value Creation Process

Our Strategy At A Glance


  • Expand our global presence in growth markets and build new capabilities to enhance competitiveness
  • Grow our energy business with a balanced portfolio of high-efficiency thermal and renewable energy assets, including gas, coal, wind, solar and biomass, as well as energy-from-waste assets
  • Deliver specialised total water management solutions, including the upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plants and the provision of pre-treatment and other services
  • Leverage our leadership in utilities supply for multiple customers on industrial sites


  • Offer diversified solutions for the offshore and marine industry, and expand into new businesses to capture existing and growth markets
  • Enhance competitiveness through technology and innovation, including strategic investments in new solutions and the development and ownership of proprietary designs
  • Leverage strong track record and integrated yard facilities for quality and on-time delivery to strengthen our position as a leading player in the global market

Urban Development

  • Leverage our core competency in transforming raw land into self-sufficient urban developments and delivering the economic engine to support industrialisation and urbanisation
  • Build on strong brand name to attract high-quality local and international investments
  • Enhance value of our land bank, such as through the development of commercial and residential real estate at choice sites
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