Solid Waste Management

Sembcorp is the leading integrated solid waste management service provider in Singapore.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors and own and apply differentiating technology and know-how. This includes treatment methods and waste-to-resource technologies.

Our range of solid waste management services includes:

Waste Collection

Sembcorp serves more than 600,000 households and over 5,000 industrial and commercial customers, government agencies, and healthcare establishments in Singapore.

  • Municipal Waste Collection
    In Singapore, Sembcorp serves 600,000 households, schools and trade premises and has been appointed an essential firm for refuse collection in the event of an emergency by the National Environment Agency (NEA).
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste Collection
    We serve 5,000 industrial and commercial customers in Singapore. Our customers include government agencies, hotels, hospitals, local and foreign companies as well as private and public institutions.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Collection
    Sembcorp operates an integrated construction and demolition materials recovery facility in Singapore. The automated plant in Lim Chu Kang is equipped to process 430,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste a year.
  • Bio-hazardous Waste Collection
    Sembcorp adopts global standards to guarantee the safe collection, transportation and disposal of various types of bio-hazardous and infectious wastes.

    Our stringent measures ensure that the environment is unharmed, public health interest is safeguarded and legislation adhered to. Medical waste is sent to our dedicated incineration plant where it is thermally degraded. There is no need for medical workers to segregate waste, thus minimising the risk of contamination and injury.

Post-collection Treatment and Waste-to-resource

Through Sembcorp's range of services, waste that would usually be disposed of in landfill and incineration facilities is diverted for recycling. We also have capabilities in advanced waste treatment and resource recovery, including waste-to-energy recovery.

Our waste-to-resource facilities in Singapore extract recyclables from waste collected through our municipal waste collection arm, which serves four out of the nation's nine municipal sectors. Sembcorp also operates a construction and demolition materials recovery facility in Singapore capable of processing 430,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste per year. Timber, hardcore and fines, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered during the sorting process. Furthermore, the complete range of waste paper recycling services is offered, from collection, sorting and baling to bulk supply of recovered paper to paper manufacturers. With more than 20 years of experience in waste paper recycling, we have an extensive network collecting some 300 tonnes of waste paper each day.