Executive/Senior Executive/Manager, Procurement (Based in Myingyan, Myanmar)

Job Scope:

1. To understand and comply with the group procurement policy and to propagate
procurement procedures and requirements to all staff of the business unit.
2. To keep Group Procurement aware on any systems, local statutory and tax regulatory
3. To declare any conflict of interest in transaction to reporting officer and
abstain from involvement in the negotiation
4. To report to Business Unit Head/Group Procurement on any suspected/irregular
5. To pre-qualify new vendors and carry out vendor evaluation
6. To source and negotiate for material and services at the right price, right
quality, and right source and ensure timely delivery
7. To prepare bid documents, call for tender and evaluate bids and negotiate
commercial terms/finalizing of contract with the end-user and seek in house legal
counsel for advice/approval.
8. To consolidate and secure term contract/agreement for Maintenance, Repair and
Operation and common services with venders.
9. To maintain 2nd tier suppliers for critical supplies
10. To expedite/monitor orders and contracts.
11. To take up Economic Value Added/Cost Savings Initiatives projects.
12. To maintain relationship with suppliers, meet up new vendors/studying new products
13. To work with end users on alternative material/vendors.
14. To review, write, and update procurement procedures periodically.
15. To report periodically on savings, single bids awarded and KOLA.

Job Requirements

1. Degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, and BBA
2. 3-5 year experiences in procurement and logistic field
3. Good negotiation, interpersonal and social skill
4. Must have knowledge in contract preparation
5. Able to work under pressure
6. This position is based in Myingyan, Myanmar
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