Senior Manager / AVP, Renewables Engineering & Technical Services (Wind)

Key Responsibilities:

Support the development, execution and optimization for wind projects as well as to assist in improving O&M efficiency post commissioning.

1) Provide support to Origination team with technical assessment of site and
2) Validate and do resource assessment – Conduct in-house WRA analysis and
validate 3rd party AEP / risk assessment
3) Able to project micro-siting in line with regulatory requirements and wind
resource availability
4) Evaluate new technologies (blades, nacelle, statistical optimization, loss
reduction, predictive maintenance, life extensions) to improve performance and
5) Responsible for Quality and adherence to agreed engineering and BOM during
construction of solar projects
6) Support commissioning of projects once deployed in the field including the
development of the commissioning processes
7) Support AM Team on Continual monitoring of installed systems for performance
management and optimization

Key Requirements:

1) Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent
2) Minimum 8 years of experience working on wind power projects
3) Familiarity with technical and commercial evaluation of projects / solutions
4) Self-starter and strong sense of accountability for results
5) Organised and has the ability to multi-task
6) Team player with good interpersonal and problem solving skills
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