Jurong Shipyard Reduces Workforce to Enhance Future Competitiveness

Singapore, Nov 30, 1999

Jurong Shipyard Limited announces that it has retrenched a total of 249 employees today. This includes management and production staff and is part of the restructuring of SembCorp Industries' shipyards. The details of the restructuring were announced on November 9, 1999.

Where practicable, attempts were made to re-deploy or re-assign affected employees within the yards. Those who would not be re-deployed or whose jobs became redundant were retrenched.

Discussions were held with the respective Shipyards' Unions and agreement was reached on the retrenchment benefits payable to affected employees. The benefits are proportional to the age and length of service of the retrenched employees.

The yards have also arranged with NTUC, Ministry of Manpower, the Economic Development Board and the other SBUs within the SembCorp Industries' group to help affected employees find alternative employment.

The Jurong Shipyard group presently has a workforce of 3021 persons.

Released on: November 30, 1999

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Jurong Shipyard Limited
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