Rebranding Of SembCorp Waste Management And Its Business Units

Singapore, Dec 11, 2002

- SembCorp Waste Management and its business units has been renamed to embrace a single unified brand image.   

The holding company, SembCorp Waste Management, will now be known as SembCorp Environmental Management (SembEnviro). This is to accurately reflect SembEnviro’s comprehensive range of turnkey environmental solutions which include collection and post-collection of waste, recycling and resource recovery, waste-to-energy, conversion technologies, industrial and street cleansing, and environmental consultancy and technology. 

Waste collection and disposal subsidiary Semac Pte Ltd will be renamed as SembWaste Pte Ltd. SembWaste will be the umbrella brand for SembEnviro’s activities in collection and post-collection of waste for specific market sectors as well as for its industrial and street cleansing and consultancy activities:    

· SembWaste Municipal for municipal waste sector;
· SembWaste Industrial  for industrial and commercial sector;
· SembWaste Medical for medical waste sector;
· SembWaste Consultancy & Technology for management consulting and expertise;
· SembWaste Cleansing for industrial cleansing. 

The brand alignment of SembEnviro’s businesses creates synergistic advantages through cross-selling and bundling of services offered.

SembEnviro’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ms Loh Wai Kiew said: “By focusing on one single unified brand, we are bringing brand management into the centre of our waste collection and disposal business and deriving greater value for our shareholders. A strong brand would help propel the company in our push into international markets by aiding brand recall for our comprehensive host of solutions, all customised for different markets.”

Together with the rebranding, a new look has been created for the company’s collection crew by homegrown designer Esther Tay of Estabelle Fashions. They now sport lime green shirts and charcoal grey trousers designed with their comfort and safety in mind.

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