Transfer Of Businesses Of RDC Pte Ltd And SEMES Pte Ltd To SembCorp Waste Management

Singapore, Nov 08, 2002

SembCorp Industries today announced that the businesses of its wholly owned companies RDC Pte Ltd and SEMES Pte Ltd have been transferred to their holding company SembCorp Waste Management as business divisions from October 1, 2002.

RDC was principally engaged in the provision of medical waste services to the healthcare industry. It specialised in the safe disposal of biohazardous, cytotoxic, radioactive and pharmaceutical wastes.

SEMES offered a suite of consultancy and engineering solutions in solid waste management, including sewerage and sewage treatment and disposal, and environmental planning.

The transfer of businesses was part of SembCorp Waste Management’s internal restructuring to streamline its operations and improve efficiency.

SembCorp Waste Management is SembCorp Industries’ wholly owned environmental engineering key business. It is the largest environmental services company in Singapore, offering total integrated waste management solutions, including collection and post collection of waste, recycling and resource recovery, waste-to-energy incineration, industrial and street cleansing, and environmental consultancy.

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