Around over 12,000 MW of gross power capacity and the ability to generate energy from a diversity of fuels

Sembcorp is a developer, owner and operator of energy facilities with a total gross capacity of around over 12,000 megawatts. We have the ability to generate energy from a diversity of fuels, including natural gas, coal, renewable sources and waste, and to apply technologies for greater efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Globally, we are building a balanced portfolio of thermal and renewable assets.

In Singapore, we also import and supply natural gas, and retail electricity.


Sembcorp applies technologies for greater efficiency and lower emissions across our thermal power plants.

Natural Gas

Sembcorp’s gas-fired power facilities utilise combined cycle gas turbine, cogeneration, or combined power and desalination technologies for increased efficiency.


Sembcorp's coal-fired facilities utilise efficient supercritical technology, which allows for enhanced efficiency and reduced emissions compared to conventional plants.

Sembcorp is committed to sustainable power generation, with a renewable energy portfolio that includes wind, solar, energy-from-waste and biomass energy assets in Singapore, China, India and the UK. Our renewable energy capacity stands at over 2,000 megawatts of power in operation and under development, as well as 330 tonnes per hour of steam.


Sembcorp has wind power assets in operation and under development in China and India.


Our renewable portfolio also includes solar power assets in India and Singapore.

Energy-from-Waste and Biomass

As part of our drive towards sustainability, Sembcorp harnesses energy from waste, including recycled wood from construction and demolition waste, as well as industrial, commercial and municipal waste. This not only creates value from waste, but helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Singapore, Sembcorp manages the entire energy-from-waste value chain, from waste collection to the generation of steam to supply to our customers. 

Sembcorp is Singapore's first commercial importer and retailer of natural gas, and brings in 431 billion British thermal units of natural gas per day from West Natuna in Indonesia. This gas is supplied to major power generation and petrochemical companies.

Singapore Retail Natural Gas Business

For more information on the procedure for applying for natural gas supply and a gas connection in Singapore, please refer to the Sembcorp Gas Handbook.

Relevant Forms for Download

As a reliable and trusted home-grown brand that has energised Singapore for over two decades, powering growth, fueling passion and driving possibilities; we understand the needs of households and businesses. With our own generation facilities and efficient green technologies such as solar power, we are able to offer cost savings and greater value to our customers.

To find out more on how you can save on your electricity bills, please contact us at (65) 6727 8833 or email to support@sembcorp.com.

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