On-site Logistics & Solid Waste Management

In addition to energy and water, Sembcorp's Utilities business also provides on-site logistics as well as solid waste management

Together with energy and water, Sembcorp also provides on-site logistics and services in Singapore and the UK as part of a bundled offer to customers in energy intensive industrial clusters, such as petrochemical and chemical hubs. We provide a wide range of on-site logistics and services including service corridor, chemical storage and terminalling facilities as well as hazardous waste incineration services and supply of industrial gases to our customers.

Sembcorp is the leading integrated solid waste management service provider in Singapore. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors and own and apply differentiating technology and know-how.

Our range of solid waste management services includes:

Waste Collection

Sembcorp serves over 600,000 households and over 5,000 industrial and commercial customers, government agencies, and healthcare establishments in Singapore providing:

  • Municipal waste collection
  • Industrial and commercial waste collection
  • Construction and demolition waste collection
  • Bio-hazardous waste collection

Post-collection Treatment and Waste-to-Resource

Through Sembcorp's range of services, waste that would usually be disposed of in landfill and incineration facilities is diverted for recycling. We also have capabilities in advanced waste treatment and resource recovery, including waste-to-energy recovery.

Sembcorp recovers recyclables from municipal waste as well as construction and demolition waste. A complete range of waste paper recycling services is also offered, from collection, sorting and baling to bulk supply of recovered paper to paper manufacturers.

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