Nanjing International Water Hub

The Nanjing International Water Hub is envisioned to be a centre of excellence for bringing together leading technology, innovative research & development and commercial initiatives across the international water industry. Located on Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island, the Water Hub will be an international platform for rapid commercialisation of innovative water technologies and enhanced access to business opportunities in China and global markets.

  • Nanjing International Water Hub's Objectives

    Promoting Rapid Commercialisation of Innovative Water Technologies

    With global challenges brought on by pressing environmental concerns like water shortage and pollution in China and the rest of the world, the Nanjing International Water Hub aims to:

    1. Provide an eco-system that promotes and facilitates the development and commercialisation of innovative technologies applicable to both China and global water markets. In this eco-system, companies are able to work together, support and co-create business opportunities for one another.

    2. Promote the exchange of industry best practices and innovation for the advancement of the water industry, and provide a platform for networking with industry players in China and globally.

    3. Provide support services ranging from legal, financing and intellectual property management, to business matching and networking for companies planning to set up or expand their businesses in China.

  • Water Technology Innovation Centre

    Supporting Performance Tests on New and Innovative Water Technologies

    At the core of Nanjing International Water Hub is the Water Technology Innovation Centre. Water companies can use the Centre to undertake research and development (R&D) work, working closely with research institutions and the industry to commercialise their proprietary technologies for the China water industry.

    The Centre is designed to support performance tests on new and innovative water technologies in the laboratory and in the field. These water technologies are preferably at late stages of R&D and ready for market commercialisation, i.e. at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) six to nine. The Centre will also be equipped to support incubation of promising water technologies at the early stages of R&D, i.e. at TRL two to five.

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  • Commercialisation of Technologies

    Bringing New Technologies and Solutions from Pilot-Test Phase to the Market

    The Nanjing International Water Hub will focus on commercialisation of water technologies and R&D in industrial and municipal wastewater sectors. It will facilitate water technology developers, such as technology companies and research institutes, to have access to Sembcorp’s water facilities across China as “Living Laboratories” to test-bed new technologies that are ready to be used in the China market. Test-bedding is a crucial step in China water industry for companies to bring new technologies and solutions from the pilot-test phase to market-ready levels.

    In addition, test-bed sites can also be used to demonstrate innovative solutions and technologies that are not yet widely introduced into the China market. Companies that may be interested to bring new solutions and technologies into the China market may want use test-bedding to demonstrate the effectiveness under real operating conditions to potential end-users and customers. Test-bedding may also be used to identify areas where the technologies may need to be modified to adapt to the requirements of the China market.

    Sembcorp has 16 water operations across 10 provincial regions in China, including Jiangsu, Liaoning, Tianjin and Hubei. Please click here for more information on Sembcorp’s water operations.

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  • Collaboration with Research Institutions

    Providing Technical Consultation Services and Working with Private Sectors

    The Nanjing International Water Hub will collaborate with reputable research institutes. Besides conducting research and development work on water-related subjects, these research institutes are ready to work with companies to provide technical and validation services to test-bed new technologies for the market. These research institutions are also able to provide technical consultation services and work with the private sector to develop solutions to challenging water problems in the market.

    Links have been established with National University of Singapore’s Centre for Water Research in Singapore as well as Nanjing Tech University’s National Engineering Research Centre for Special Separation Membranes (南京工业大学国家特种分离膜工程技术研究中心) and Nanjing University’s National Environment Protection Organic Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Engineering Centre (南京大学国家环境保护有机化工废水处理与资源化工程技术中心) in China.

    Together, these research institutes can provide a wide spectrum of technical services in the water industry, covering biological & chemical treatment and systems, membrane science and technology, energy conservation and recovery as well as water reclamation and re-use for the industrial and municipal water industry.

  • Activities and Facilities

    Hosting of Industry Events and Networking Sessions

    The Water Hub will serve as a centre to promote the exchange of industry best practices and innovation for the advancement of the water industry. Regular seminars on water industry-related topics, such as training courses on facility operations and management and technology developments, will be held at the Water Hub, involving private and public utilities sectors, regulators, academia and non-government organisations.

    These industry events will serve as networking opportunities for industry players to interact, share information and discuss business opportunities with each other.

    The Water Hub will have features that facilitate the hosting of industry events and networking sessions:


    An auditorium which can seat an estimated 400 people with modern multimedia facilities. This will be the venue for seminars, conferences and training sessions.

    Exhibition Space

    A 2,500 m2 exhibition space for companies to showcase the latest technology offerings in the water market.

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    Meeting Rooms

    Offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and serviced office space of over 30,000 m2 to be leased out to companies to do business in Nanjing.

    Other Amenities

    Ample natural roof gardens, cafes, restaurants and other amenities to create a pleasant and relaxed working environment in the Nanjing International Water Hub.

  • Location

    Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island

    The Nanjing International Water Hub is located on the Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island, right in the centre of the new central business district and civic centre of Jianye District, Nanjing City.

    The Sino-Singapore Eco Hi-tech Island is situated on Jiangxinzhou, a National Grade 'AA' scenic island 6.5 kilometres from downtown Nanjing. It is to be developed as an innovative and sustainable growth area in Nanjing's new central business district for high-tech, creative, software and eco-environmental services sectors to thrive. Please click here for more information about Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco-tech Island. The island is well connected to Jiangbei’s new economic centre via a number of motorway and pedestrian bridges and tunnels from the new central business district.

    Nanjing is the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province, one of the most economical and industrial active regions in China. Supported by a number of leading Chinese state universities and research institutes in the field of Environmental Science and Engineering, and backed by a strong demand for environmental technologies and services from within the province and beyond, Nanjing is an ideal city for companies to manage and expand their business.

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  • Multimedia Centre

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