As a leading provider of energy, water and urban development solutions, our business activities consume resources such as fuel and water, and generate waste. Our commitment to sustainability demands that we take strong stewardship in the use of such increasingly scarce resources and in our management of waste.

Our conventional energy business uses natural gas as fuel and water for cooling. We withdraw water from the sea, surfaces and the ground to cool our power plants, and return a majority to the environment.

In our water business, our most significant withdrawal is seawater for the production of desalinated water. Our industrial wastewater treatment facilities treat customers’ wastewater; where possible, a portion of the treated water is reclaimed and supplied back to the customers.

Sembcorp's most significant waste-related impact to the environment arises from our conventional energy and water businesses which generate ash and sludge during operations.

Wastewater Solutions

Sembcorp's Integrated Wastewater Treatment plant supports Singapore with innovative and sustainable solutions to wastewater treatment and reuse.

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