In the fast-evolving energy transition landscape, employees equipped with the right competencies and experience position us to capture opportunities while meeting the energy needs of our stakeholders securely, accessibly and affordably.

Our Talent Management Framework undergirds our approach to building a workforce to advance the energy transition. We leverage Sembcorp Academy, a fully integrated blended learning platform, to accelerate people development and scale learning and skill-building. Our digital-forward approach, coupled with bite-sized learning modules, enables our workforce to access learning at their own pace, style and preference, anytime and anywhere. We also enable employee professional growth through job rotations, on-the-job training programmes and various project assignments to broaden their depth and breadth of experience.

Sustainability Workforce

Nurturing a new generation of future-ready sustainability workers at the ITE-Sembcorp Centre for Sustainable Solutions.

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Climate-related Financial Disclosures

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