A Sustainable Approach

Sembcorp has long held a strong commitment to sustainability. We believe that responsible corporates can play a role as agents of transformation for a sustainable future. We see sustainability at our company as inextricably linked to our ability to deliver long-term value and growth to all our stakeholders.

As we operate internationally, we align our operations with global best practice and internationally recognised standards. Our sustainability agenda is focused on issues that are most material to our businesses and our stakeholders. In addressing our sustainability impacts and by better meeting society’s needs and expectations, we believe that we will also improve the long-term competitiveness and relevance of our businesses. 

With increasing globalisation and urbanisation, the challenge facing industries and communities today is one of balancing development with resource scarcity and environmental concerns. We believe that we have a part to play in contributing to a sustainable future. From high-efficiency, low-emission and renewable energy production, total water and wastewater solutions to eco-friendly urban developments, our innovative solutions support industries and improve the quality of life for communities, while managing impact on the environment.

Ultimately, it means that we are committed to being a responsible company that builds sustainable businesses. We make it a point to be well prepared for the challenges we face now, as well as those we may face in the future.

Our Material Issues 

Our three sustainability ambitions of enabling a low-carbon and circular economy, empowering our people and communities, and embedding responsible business practices direct our approach to integrate sustainability within our business strategy and to manage our material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Through engagement with our stakeholder and our materiality identification and review process, the respective ESG issues presented in our Sustainability Framework below have been identified to be material to us. Mitigating the risks and pursuing the opportunities presented by these issues are part and parcel of how we drive success for the Group and give our shareholders a sustainable return.