Why Join Sembcorp?

What We Believe In

Our purpose and passion is to do good and play our part in creating a sustainable future. We deliver energy and innovative solutions that support development and create value – for our stakeholders and communities.

Working with Sembcorp Industries means being part of a leading utilities, marine and urban development group, operating across multiple markets worldwide. You will belong to a group trusted to provide the essential solutions that governments, businesses and communities depend on.

Our customers rely on us for innovative and competitive essential solutions, and to address problems with real insight. The highest standards of integrity – at corporate and personal levels – underpin everything we do. We are also an integrated energy player, a brand that delivers what it promises, which makes us integral to the success of our partners.  

Across our businesses, our employees personify our three core values of Creative InsightCommitted and Connected; as well as embodies the mindsets of Courageous and Curious.


Creative Insight
We innovate and solve complex problems

Josep Casellas Lopez
Senior Vice President, Group Digital & Technology

Josep has always been passionate about oil painting. For him, it’s a continuous journey of learning where he is constantly exploring new ideas, techniques and ways of interpreting reality in a holistic way.

He approaches work in a similar manner. Through creative insight, he tries to understand the ‘why’ of the problem and see the big picture behind it. When he knows the “why” then he is able to develop the right solutions and take action.

We walk the talk, do the right thing and deliver on our promises

Joan Toh
Committed mother of two
Manager, Group Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

While Joan has since overcome life-threatening health scares, she remains touched by her understanding colleagues who allowed her the time to heal by covering her duties.

Spurred by her own experience, she has developed a greater sense of commitment to the well-being and safety of our employees. Always looking for ways to resolve problems, she works together with colleagues from different countries to find solutions to the challenges they face.

We value our people, forge strong partnerships and care for our communities and the environment

K.A. Shanmugam
CSR Volunteer
Plant Manager, Incineration

K.A. participates actively in Sembcorp’s volunteering programmes because it makes him happy to see the smiling faces of those who are positively impacted.

As a plant manager, the connections that he has formed from Sembcorp’s community events have helped improve his relationships at work with his colleagues. By becoming more invested in each other’s success, everyone works towards doing his or her job well.

We dare to challenge the norm and lead disruption

Keila Abreu
Forbes 30 under 30
Land & Planning Manager, Project Development

Living most of her life in a country prone to natural disasters, Keila is not unfamiliar to adversities and does not walk away from communities that need her help. The same tenacity made it possible for her to be named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list – a prestigious award that recognises young leaders who have already made an impact or those who are just about to make it big.

Lining up sites for development is probably one of the biggest challenges she has had to overcome. However, being the courageous person she is, she takes up these challenges and pushes herself to do more and improve.

We continuously seek to learn about ourselves and the world around us

Tan Kian Hwee
Senior Manager, Operations

Kian Hwee always likes to get out of his comfort zone and see how far he can push himself. So when the challenge arose for him to participate in the 250 km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, he jumped at it.

Exhibiting the same spirit at work, he has been exploring the novel idea of using autonomous drones to inspect the service corridor on Jurong Island. This will not only increase efficiency but also lower risks of accidents and hazards.

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