SembWaste Cleantech Implements Conservancy Owner Operator Scheme

Singapore, Sep 26, 2003

As part of SembWaste Cleantech’s re-engineering process, the Conservancy Owner Operator (COO) scheme will soon be implemented. It is currently being tested in three locations with very positive results. This program was conceived with the view of creating a sustainable conservancy cleaning business model for Singapore. The COO scheme is results-driven and performance-based, encourages the implementation of new innovative methods due to its flexibility and affords the opportunity to introduce more mechanised systems. It also allows more flexible working hours and schedules for the operators.

The ultimate aim is to raise the productivity and professionalism of the cleaning industry by giving incentives for more Singaporeans to take up conservancy cleaning as a viable job option and to drive the spirit of entrepreneurship.

As COOs will be personally responsible in maintaining clean premises, it is expected that this will result in higher performance standards. All operators will have to undergo compulsory training at SembWaste Cleantech’s training centre, which is SPRING SINGAPORE and ITE accredited.

COOs are required to wash and clean corridors, lifts, stairways and void decks of allotted blocks, adhering to an agreed schedule and standard, which will be monitored by the town councils. Operators will also be responsible for their own workers.

This scheme will not only improve cleaning standards and reduce the need for supervision as the workers become more motivated, it is also expected to encourage more Singaporeans to work in the conservancy cleaning industry and hence reduce reliance on foreign workers in this area.

Said President and CEO Ms Loh Wai Kiew of SembEnviro: “We are the first company in the cleaning industry to be implementing this scheme. It is one of the initiatives that is timely in this economic slowdown. Jobs are redesigned to attract Singaporeans back to the traditional jobs otherwise taken up by foreign workers and entrepreneurship is encouraged.”

With its re-engineering efforts, SembWaste Cleantech recently clinched cleaning contracts valued at S$24.8 million over the next three years, garnering a 21 per cent market share in the Town Council conservancy market. The COO scheme will surely contribute to the company’s efforts in providing the most efficient and professional services.

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Vice President, Corporate Relations
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About SembEnviro

SembEnviro is the largest environmental services company in Asia, offering total integrated environmental management solutions including collection and post collection of waste, recycling and recovery, waste-to-energy, industrial and commercial cleaning and cleansing, environmental consultancy & technology, conversion technologies and industrial biological treatment. It owns a stake in SITA Environmental Solutions, the second largest waste management company in Australia with operations in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

In China, SembEnviro has a 60 per cent stake in Shanghai SembEnviro Reliance which is the second largest privately-owned industrial and commercial waste management services company in Pudong, Shanghai while in Malaysia, SembEnviro is engaged in the biomass waste-to-energy business in partnership with Consolidated Plantations, a Sime Darby subsidiary.

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