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SembCorp Utilities (SembUtilities), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SembCorp Industries, has acquired 70 per cent of NCIP Water Industry Company Ltd, an existing equity joint venture to build, own and operate a 100,000 tonnes per day water treatment facility in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (“NCIP”). The total cost of the project is expected to be US$19 million.

SembCorp Industries achieved robust 36% growth in profits attributable to shareholders (PATMI) for the nine-month period (9M2005) to $212.8 million, with PATMI for the third quarter of 2005 (3Q2005) rising 28% to $66.1 million. This was led by strong contributions from its Utilities and Marine businesses.

SembCorp Industries would like to announce that Ernst & Young, the appointed Receiver for its associate company Bintan Lagoon Resort Limited (“BLR”), has disposed of BLR’S entire shareholding in PT Bintan Lagoon Resort (“PT BLR”). With this, SembCorp Industries’ interest in PT BLR has now ceased.

SembCorp Industries (“SCI”) wishes to announce that SMOE Pte Ltd (“SMOE”) has incorporated a joint venture company, SCE Pte Ltd (“SCE”), with Concord Electrical Pte Ltd with shareholding proportions of 51% and 49% respectively. SMOE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SembCorp Utilities Pte Ltd which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCI.

Further to its announcement dated September 22, 2005, “SembCorp Marine’s PPL Shipyard Acquires Sabine Shipyard in Texas, USA”, SembCorp Marine is pleased to announce that its subsidiary PPL Shipyard has completed the acquisition of a 100 per cent equity interest in Sabine Industries, Inc.

PPL Shipyard, a subsidiary of SembCorp Marine has signed another rig building contract worth US$144 million with Awilco Offshore ASA for the construction of a Baker Marine Pacific Class 375 Deep Drilling Offshore Jack-Up Rig.

The Board of Directors of SembCorp Marine (“SCM”) wishes to announce that SCM has disposed 4,600,000 ordinary shares (“Cosco Shares”) in Cosco Corporation (S) Ltd (“Cosco”) at $2.55 per share.

PPL Shipyard, a subsidiary of SembCorp Marine is in the process to acquire the Sabine Shipyard, located in Texas, USA.

SembCorp Industries is pleased to announce that two of its business units, SMOE and Sembawang Shipyard, have jointly completed their portion of the fabrication and integration of the topside facilities on one of the world’s largest Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, ERHA FPSO, which will be located in the Erha Field offshore Nigeria.

Singapore-based SembCorp Parks Holdings and Vietnam-based Becamex - developers of Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), have progressed on to the Phase Three development of VSIP. Encouraged by the strong take-up of land parcels and ready-built factories in the park, VSIP also announced its plan to expand in Binh Duong Province and has earmarked another piece of land for industrialization.

SembCorp Industries would like to announce that Ms Loh Wai Kiew has resigned as President and CEO of SembCorp Environmental Management (SembEnviro).

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