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Innovative Renewable Energy & Environmental Solutions

The challenge facing industries and communities today is one of balancing development with resource scarcity and environmental concerns. At Sembcorp, we believe that we have a part to play in contributing to a sustainable future with innovative renewable energy and environmental solutions, including total water management and waste-to-resource offerings.

Strong Expertise in Wind and Solar Projects with a Portfolio of over 2,800 Megawatts

Sembcorp is committed to sustainable power generation, with a renewable energy portfolio that includes wind and solar assets in Singapore, China and India. Our gross renewable energy capacity stands at over 2,800 megawatts of power in operation and under development.


Sembcorp has wind power assets in operation and under development in China and India.


Our renewable portfolio also includes solar power assets in India and Singapore.

Provider of specialised total water and wastewater treatment solutions with a gross water capacity of over 8.6 million cubic metres per day

Sembcorp is a vital partner in helping to meet the water needs of governments, industries and communities around the world. From specialised industrial wastewater treatment and water reclamation, to desalination and the supply of potable and industrial water, Sembcorp offers innovative solutions to even the most challenging water needs of industries and water-stressed regions.


Sembcorp’s Total Water and Wastewater Management Capabilities

Sembcorp offers the full spectrum of water management solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Our ability to integrate water supply, wastewater treatment and water reclamation into a “closed loop” minimises liquid discharge and conserves water resources.

Strong Technology and Innovation Capabilities

At Sembcorp’s facilities worldwide, we use our extensive experience to drive the best available technology and apply advanced technologies through customise solutions to meet customer needs from a wide range of industries.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment - Specialised Water Solutions for Industries

Sembcorp is a global leader in providing total water solutions to industries. From industrial wastewater treatment and water reclamation to industrial water supply, Sembcorp has the expertise and operational scale to meet our customers’ unique needs. In particular, we have developed specialised capabilities in industrial wastewater treatment. We are able to apply technologies such as membrane separation and biological treatment in a seamless process to effectively treat wastewater of different profiles. In addition to treating multiple streams of complex industrial wastewater, we can also treat all types of wastewater directly from source, without the need for any pre-treatment on the part of our customers. Sembcorp owns and operates facilities capable of treating wastewater with high concentration and high salinity.

Water Reclamation - Specialised Solutions for Water-stressed Regions

Sembcorp pioneered the commercial reclamation of water from treated municipal and industrial wastewater effluent in Singapore, turning it into high-purity water for power and steam generation, as well as for process industry operations. We are the developer, owner and operator of one of the world's largest water reclamation plants - the Sembcorp NEWater Plant in Singapore.

Desalination - Meeting Pressing Water Needs in the Middle East

Sembcorp develops, owns and operates large-scale integrated power and desalination plants in the UAE and Oman. We apply various seawater desalination technologies such as multi-stage flash and reverse osmosis.

Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment

Sembcorp is able to manage entire municipal water or wastewater operations, from treatment to supply and customer service. We deliver safe and clean drinking water to millions in China, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Chile and Panama. Our operations are quality certified for operating procedures, environmental standards, and health and safety practices, and we constantly improve efficiency by optimising infrastructure and processes.

Integrated Waste Management and Recycling Solutions

Sembcorp provides customised solutions and utilises advanced technologies to treat a wide variety of waste streams. We also have the ability to harness energy from waste from industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

Energy-from-Waste and Biomass

As part of our drive towards sustainability, Sembcorp harnesses energy from waste, including recycled wood from construction and demolition waste, as well as industrial, commercial and municipal waste. This not only creates value from waste, but helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Singapore, Sembcorp manages the entire energy-from-waste value chain, from waste collection to the generation of steam to supply to our customers.

Solid Waste Management

Sembcorp is the leading integrated solid waste management service provider in Singapore. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors and own and apply differentiating technology and know-how.

Our range of solid waste management services includes:

Waste Collection

Sembcorp serves over 600,000 households and over 5,000 industrial and commercial customers, government agencies, and healthcare establishments in Singapore providing:

  • Municipal waste collection
  • Industrial and commercial waste collection
  • Construction and demolition waste collection

Post-collection Treatment and Waste-to-Resource

Through Sembcorp's range of services, waste that would usually be disposed of in landfill and incineration facilities is diverted for recycling. We also have capabilities in advanced waste treatment and resource recovery, including waste-to-energy recovery.

Sembcorp recovers recyclables from municipal waste as well as construction and demolition waste. 

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