Thermal Energy


Thermal Energy

We are an established power player, with over 9,000MW of thermal power capacity. We generate energy from a diversity of fuels, including natural gas and coal, and to apply technologies for greater efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Sembcorp’s gas business offers gas importation, supply and trading solutions for various industries.

Sembcorp is an established player in thermal power, including gas and coal-based generation. We have a strong track record and proven capabilities in executing large-scale brownfield and greenfield thermal projects. We also actively apply technologies for greater efficiency and lower emissions, such as combined cycle gas turbine, combined power and desalination and supercritical technologies.

Reliable, Competitive Solutions across the Gas Value Chain

We are the largest player in Singapore’s natural gas market and is Singapore’s first commercial importer and retailer of natural gas, bringing in 431 billion British thermal units of piped natural gas per day from West Natuna, Indonesia. In addition, we are also able to supply liquefied natural gas.

Singapore Retail Natural Gas Business

For more information on the procedure for applying for natural gas supply and a gas connection in Singapore, please refer to the Sembcorp Gas Handbook.

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We have the ability to harness energy from waste from industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

Waste-to-energy and Biomass

As part of our drive towards sustainability, Sembcorp harnesses energy from waste, including recycled wood from construction and demolition waste, as well as industrial, commercial and municipal waste. This not only creates value from waste, but helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Singapore, Sembcorp manages the entire energy-from-waste value chain, from waste collection to the generation of steam to supply to our customers.

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