Present in: Vietnam, China and Indonesia

We are a leading Asian developer with a strong track record in undertaking master planning, land preparation and infrastructure development to transform raw land into sustainable urban developments. 

Over the last 30 years, we have acquired broad experience in the conceptualisation and development of large-scale integrated urban developments, comprising industrial parks as well as business, commercial and residential spaces. This model has been successfully replicated in key emerging markets across Asia. 

Today, we have a portfolio of 15 private sector-led and government-supported projects spanning over 13,000 hectares in these markets. Our projects have attracted US$46 billion in direct investments, and we have more than 1,100 multinational and leading local corporations as tenants. 

Developing Sustainable Urban Developments
At Sembcorp, we are committed to building resilient and green developments, creating positive community impacts, and enhancing economic competitiveness in the countries that we operate. We are guided by the United Nations framework for the promotion of inclusive and sustainable industrial developments.

Our sustainable developments are designed to address environmental contamination, resilience, and carbon emissions. We only host light and non-polluting industries within our industrial zones, with proper water and wastewater treatment. Our climate-resilient infrastructure are also designed to shore up defences against climate change impacts.

For example, we adopt sponge city technologies for flood resilience by elevating ground levels, erecting dykes, and introducing wetlands to protect the built environment. To reduce our carbon footprint, not only is green design articulated in the buildings we develop, we are also growing the use of renewables such as rooftop solar solutions, and battery storage capabilities in our developments.

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