Urban Growth Suite

From large-scale urban developments to industrial, commercial and residential spaces, we create growth platforms where Sembcorp’s sustainable urban solutions can be implemented to deliver widespread, effective and meaningful impact for local communities.

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Our total solutions approach to urban development is anchored in our six core capabilities:

1. Industry Positioning & Investment Promotion


2. Master Planning & Urban Design

We identify key industry clusters aligned with national directives and undertake investment promotion internationally to attract foreign direct investment.   We conduct strategic and detailed land planning to optimise land use and design the built environment using insights into how people and places interact.

3. Infrastructure & Land Development


4. Property Development

We prepare raw land for development and design key infrastructure, from energy to water management systems and wastewater treatment facilities, in order to create self-sufficient townships.   We provide the factories, warehouses, offices and homes that are needed for businesses and people to thrive over time.

5. Asset, Facilities & Operational Management


6. Permits & Licensing

We operate, maintain and manage for the long term.   We liaise with local authorities to obtain permits and licenses, and ensure that our developments operate within regulatory guidelines.