Present in: Singapore, China, Oman, UAE and the UK

Sembcorp’s Total Water and Wastewater Management Capabilities
From industrial wastewater treatment to water reclamation and industrial water supply, we are a leading brand name to provide businesses with customised water solutions.

We own and operate highly specialised facilities across Singapore, China, the UK and the Middle East, with a gross water and wastewater treatment capacity of about 8.3 million cubic metres per day.

With a sustainability-first mindset, we integrate water supply, wastewater treatment and water reclamation, in a way that minimises liquid discharge, conserves water resources and supports our customers in achieving their sustainability targets in water resources management.

Through our specialised capabilities, we are able to treat multiple streams of complex high concentration industrial wastewater, leveraging technologies such as membrane separation and biological treatment in a seamless process.

In addition, we can also treat all types of wastewater directly from source, without the need for any pre-treatment on the part of customers. Key projects include:

Sembcorp develops, owns and operates large-scale integrated power and desalination plants in the UAE and Oman. We apply various seawater desalination technologies such as multi-stage flash and reverse osmosis, providing the communities in these water-stressed regions with a sustainable supply of clean water.

Sembcorp pioneered the commercial reclamation of water from treated municipal and industrial wastewater effluent in Singapore, turning it into high-purity water for power and steam generation, as well as for municipal and other industrial uses, to provide the community with a sustainable water supply for future needs.

At Sembcorp, we use our extensive experience to drive partnerships and apply advanced technologies in our range of sustainable urban solutions for our customers across industries. Some key initiatives are:

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