Humans of Sembcorp - Rachel Tong

Published August 25, 2022

1. Tell us more about yourself.

I am Rachel and I am based in Sembcorp’s Shanghai office. I have been working in water and renewable industries for most of my career life. I joined Sembcorp because I believe that we can make the world a better place through sustainable development, and I have seen how the company is making the world cleaner and greener through its business. This makes me proud to be part of the Sembcorp family.

My every day includes managing our new energy assets in China and coordinating with teams at various project sites. I am involved in all aspect of our projects, from optimising our operations to ensuring smooth progress of our project timeline.

Rachel (middle in pink) having a discussion in the control room of a wind project in Henan, China

Rachel (middle in pink) having a discussion in the control room of a wind project in Henan, China

2. What is something that people may not know about sustainable developments?

Many people do not realise that the sustainable developments have the potential to do more than just reducing our carbon footprint – every project can also add value to the community and environment surrounding it, and we seek opportunities to do so here at Sembcorp. For example, we have a project in Changyi, Shandong which uses abandoned salt fields and breeding ponds to build photovoltaic projects. Through planning and using the solar panels to block strong sunlight, the site became ideal grounds for sea cucumber and shrimp farming. The water too has helped reduce the solar panel’s temperature and made them operate more efficient. I think this really showed how through innovation and good planning, we can extract multiple benefits (social, economic, and environmental) in one project.

Our solar panels co-existing with the sea cucumber and shrimp farm in Shandong, China

Our solar panels co-existing with the sea cucumber and shrimp farm in Shandong, China

3. What can someone do to incorporate sustainability into his or her life?

We need to protect the world for our next generations. If we continue treat our natural resources like it is infinite, there will be none left after decades of exploiting them. I encourage everyone to fully incorporate sustainability into any project we undertake; know your production processes and look at where you get your raw material and electricity. Always consider what you do may affect the surrounding environment or community.

On a personal level, I would encourage my family and friends to travel green as much as possible, such as walking, biking, or using public transportation. I also encourage people around me to sort their trash, and separate toxic and harmful items into special trash cans for proper processing. I have seen landfill sites burying all sorts of hazardous wastes, and some of them stay underground for a long time. They can contaminate our groundwater, rivers, and lakes which we will end up consuming. I also try to teach my daughter to recycle, not to waste food and water, care for animals, and cherish our nature.

It is not just about doing big things that can promote sustainable development; the small things in our daily lives can also make our world more beautiful and sustainable for years to come. 

Rachel’s daughter</em><em> doing her part </em><em>in building a sustainable future!

Rachel’s daughter doing her part in building a sustainable future!

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