Enhancing Process Safety Management

Safety is key to the responsible delivery of sustainable solutions. Our goals in health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) are zero accidents and zero non-compliance. Our HSSE management framework sets out the policies, standards and processes for safe operations. These standards and processes are regularly reviewed and enhanced for effectiveness.  

One such enhancement is the Group Process Safety Standard. The standard sets out the minimum requirements for process safety management and provides guidance on complying with the listed requirements. To understand the effectiveness of our process safety barriers, we adopt both leading and lagging indicators, such as the absence of safety incidents. We also place a strong emphasis on processes that are identified to be of high severity and / or high risk in nature.

Besides the use of a risk assessment matrix to manage identified risks, we have identified a list of 20 elements deemed integral to a successful Process Safety Management programme. Every operation will apply the relevant elements in their Process Safety Management programme from 2022 onwards.

Elements of Process Safety Management Programme

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