Innovative Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

As one of Singapore’s largest toxic industrial wastewater treatment facilities, Sembcorp’s Integrated Wastewater Treatment (IWWT) plant on Jurong Island plays an important role in supporting the city-state’s leading position in wastewater treatment and reuse.

Through continuous innovation, the plant has expanded its range of services while improving sustainability and producing higher-value products for customers.

With a capacity of 5,520 cubic metres per day (m3/day), it handles wastewater not just from Jurong Island – where Sembcorp reclaims 4,600 m3/day of treated industrial wastewater – but also from mainland Singapore.

After receiving its Toxic Industrial Waste Collector’s license in 2020, the plant started to treat a wider spectrum of wastewater streams. Today, it has specialised capabilities to treat wastewater with high concentration of up to 19,000 milligrams per litre (mg/L) chemical oxygen demand, as well as high salinity of up to 50,000 mg/L. What’s more, the plant is designed to handle differing complexities of wastewater to meet discharge compliance.

By conducting stringent control measures and treatability studies for new wastewater streams, the plant has been able to expand its services beyond the petrochemical industry to pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing companies in Singapore. 

In line with Sembcorp’s focus on sustainability, the plant also offers lower-emissions alternative treatments for difficult-to-treat wastewater. Compared to the conventional method of incineration, the plant uses biological treatment processes that generate a much smaller carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the plant recycles treated wastewater through the Effluent Recovery plant, producing a higher-value product that can then be supplied back to the customers.

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