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Sembcorp’s Unique Energy Business

Innovative energy and water solutions
The challenge facing industries and communities today is one of balancing development with resource scarcity and environmental concerns. At Sembcorp, we believe that we have a part to play in contributing to a sustainable future. Our Utilities business uniquely offers both energy and water solutions. We leverage group capabilities and strengths to limit the impact of our activities on the environment and to create innovative solutions for our customers.


Energy efficiency and renewables: High efficiency, low emissions
We are focused on facilities that have high efficiency and low emissions. Our balanced portfolio of energy assets is able to run on a diverse range of fuels, including renewable sources. Our low-carbon energy portfolio includes renewable wind and solar power assets, as well as biomass and energy-from-waste assets.


Total water, wastewater and waste-to-resource solutions that conserve resources
Apart from growing our renewable energy business, we also leverage our water capabilities to reduce the environmental impact of our thermal energy business. For example, we reduce reliance on fresh water by using desalinated water for our power generation processes, in addition to recirculating water for cooling purposes. In addition, we provide specialised solutions for water-stressed regions including large-scale seawater desalination and water reclamation. We also aim to minimise waste and its environmental impact through waste-to-resource facilities that recover valuable resources.

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