Feature Stories

Technology-enabled, Real-time Monitoring

Members of the Sembcorp Virtual Brain platform for water team receiving the 2019 Operating Model Master Award for Singapore at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards ceremony

Since 2018, Sembcorp deployed the Virtual Brain (VB) platform for water, which allows real-time, round-the-clock automated monitoring of our 26 water and wastewater facilities globally.

VB is a control system which collects and monitors thousands of data points, including the influent and effluent of the plant. Using custom built algorithms, it detects problems before they occur and recommends solutions to the operator.

VB also features an enhanced alert management system, notifying users of issues and creating an auditable trail of the responses to any issues detected.

This facilitates a more dynamic and timely response to issues with the process, ensuring water discharge that consistently meets regulatory standards. The innovation won the Operating Model Master Award at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards in October 2019.

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