Our Approach

Sustainability Governance

Sembcorp’s Board of Directors oversees the business affairs of the Group. The board provides leadership on Sembcorp’s overall strategy, which takes into consideration our material sustainability factors.

The following board committees provide oversight on sustainability and climate change matters:

• Executive Committee
Provides oversight and supervision of the Group’s strategy and business affairs, including our Climate Action Plan

• Audit Committee and Risk Committee
Endorse the Group’s policies, guidelines and systems to manage risks including climate-related risks. Report to the board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Group’s internal controls and risk management systems

• Executive Resource & Compensation Committee
Sets remuneration framework, reviews and endorses key performance indicators (KPIs) of our key management personnel, including sustainability and climate-related indicators

Sembcorp’s Sustainability Steering Committee provides strategic direction for managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities. The committee is chaired by our Group President & CEO and comprises senior executives who are accountable for the management of Sembcorp’s material sustainability factors. The Group Sustainability division leads the integration of sustainability matters for the company and reports to the group chief financial officer.

Sustainability-linked Performance Incentives

ESG KPIs are a part of the annual performance scorecard of our senior executives. These include greenhouse gas emissions intensity and gross installed renewable energy capacity.

Sustainability Governance

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