Our Approach

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their accompanying targets were ratified by 193 states at the UN Summit in September 2015. The scale and ambition of the SDGs mean they cannot be achieved by governments alone, and require the collective effort of businesses, organisations and all levels of society. Sembcorp believes in playing its part to help meet these goals. Our commitment to enable a low-carbon and circular economy, empower our people and communities, and embed responsible business practices throughout our organisation aligns with the framework set out by the SDGs.

Priority SDGs
We have identified SDG 6 and SDG 7 as having the strongest links to our core business areas. These encapsulate areas that our businesses have significant impact on and can make the greatest contributions to sustainable development by 2030.

Supporting SDGs
We will continue to actively manage the supporting SDGs to minimise negative impacts while maximising positive impacts, and continue to report on our performance and plans related to these goals.

Underlying SDGs
The remaining SDGs do not have such direct links to our current material issues. However, as a company we believe that we have some impact across all 17 SDGs in different ways. The SDGs are a holistic framework; having an impact in one area will often impact other goals as well. 

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