Present in: Singapore, UK

Waste management is essential for a sustainable future. Sembcorp offers waste and waste-to-resource solutions for efficient resource utilisation and in support of a circular economy.

Through our expertise in converting waste into valuable resources through recycling or energy recovery, we help businesses and communities minimise landfill use, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Solid waste management

As a leading environmental services provider in Singapore, we are focused on waste management and recycling services. We offer a comprehensive range of services to customers in the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

Our solid waste management services include:


To maximise the use of resources, we harness energy from biomass derived from industrial and commercial waste. In Singapore, we have capabilities in the entire energy-from-waste value chain, from waste collection to steam generation. Energy, generated in the form of steam, is supplied back to our customers for their industrial needs.

In the UK, our energy-from-waste facility effectively diverts 440,000 tonnes of household residual waste from landfills annually. In addition, our biomass power station utilises low-grade recycled wood to produce energy. These facilities collectively help to avoid approximately 330,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Sembcorp’s energy-from-waste facility on Teesside, UK

A facility using municipal and commercial waste to produce power and steam

Sembcorp Biomass Power Station on Teesside, UK

The UK’s first large-scale wood-fired biomass plant using sustainably sourced wood and recycled wood to produce power and steam

Sembcorp’s energy-from-waste facilities in Singapore

A woodchip boiler plant using waste wood and a waste-to-resource facility using industrial and commercial waste to produce steam