Singapore’s leading environmental waste management provider

We provide resource recovery solutions from waste generated by commercial, industrial and municipal sectors across the nation. Our suite of solutions, spanning the waste value chain, supports Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development, the Green Plan 2030.

Our industry knowledge and experience, combined with our comprehensive service range, enable us to provide customers with integrated and optimised solutions for solid waste management and resource recovery.

Suite of waste management services

With a market-leading footprint of more than 30% share of the industrial and commercial waste sector, coupled with our Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plant in Jurong Island, we strive to provide our industrial and commercial customers with solutions to support their needs across the value chain. Our EfW plant is the only first private owned plant in Singapore that processes waste as an alternative fuel to generate steam to power industries in Jurong Island. By using the steam recovered from the waste collected, we help customers minimise their carbon footprint for their energy needs and rely instead on a more sustainable and low-cost source of energy.

Waste audit services

We help our customers to set a robust baseline and identify key sources of waste generation, so that targeted initiatives for waste reduction and recycling can be implemented with maximum effectiveness.

Using our meticulous waste profiling approach, where waste is manually sorted into more than twenty distinct categories, we assess the true potential of recycling for customers based on their waste profile today, to set achievable sustainability targets for tomorrow.

With the data captured from waste audits, we then provide customer-centric solutions and cost-effective recommendations on how they can move from commingled recycling to clean stream segregation at source and eventually, towards zero waste.


We supply the following equipment to optimise the waste collection and disposal process:

Mobile & Fixed Storage Equipment

Mobile Garbage Bins

Smart Bins for Waste & Recyclables

Rear-End Loader Systems

Open Top Containers


Safety is our priority

We adhere to the highest safety, regulatory and environmental standards in the waste industry where we have a dedicated HSE team of qualified officers to focus on delivering the safest work procedures.

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