We advocate for the continual transformation of the waste industry towards increased rates of recycling and resource recovery

When you choose to recycle, you are giving that item a second life to serve a new purpose and save natural resources.

Our progressive approach to resource recovery allows us to collect, transport and process to the highest order waste streams that are source-separated, mixed or commingled.

We support the government’s review of mechanisms to improve resource recovery practices across Singapore and work closely with our customers - including brand owners and end consumers to ensure efficient separation and collection of different waste streams where economic recovery is possible. At the same time, we continually invest in technologies and processes to improve recycling opportunities for individual waste streams.

We provide:

  • Recycling bins ranging in capacity from 120 litres to 660 litres
  • Collection of your recyclables
  • Sorting and processing of your recyclables at our materials recovery facility for onward recycling to be turned into new products and materials

To meet your operational requirements and sustainability targets, our sales team begins by assessing your overall on-premises recyclables production streams, before proposing customised solutions.

Community Engagement

A key sustainability initiative for households is our ‘ezi’ mobile application with engagement-based programmes to encourage and incentivise household recycling. Residents in the City-Punggol and Clementi Bukit Merah sectors can make use of the ‘ezi’ mobile application to locate the nearest Cash-For-Trash stations.  The app also has other features such as tips on recycling and information on upcoming recyclables collection events.

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