We offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end waste and recycling solutions, including waste profiling, collection, disposal, and corporate recycling take-back programmes. Our holistic and integrated approach to waste management is supported by a fleet of over 200 vehicles, serving approximately 5,000 customers across the industrial and commercial sectors island-wide.

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Rear-End Loader Systems

Open Top Containers

Mobile Garbage Bins

Mobile & Fixed Storage Equipment

Smart Recycling Hubs


Waste Profiling Solutions

Our MONA™ and LISA™ sustainable waste management solutions offer a holistic approach towards zero-waste, by using total waste output baseline data to help customers develop strategies for diverting waste from landfills.

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Smart Roller Cage - Rebottle

Rebottle is a smart recycling initiative that uses refurbished roller cages incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide real-time waste collection data. This data-driven approach will allow real-time monitoring and optimise collections when the cages are full.

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