To raise awareness of recycling, we offer zero-waste workshops and organise the annual SembEnviro School Recycling League. Our zero-waste workshops educate participants on practical strategies for minimising waste, maximising resource recovery, and adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives. The SembEnviro School Recycling League engages students from schools across Singapore, encouraging them to participate in recycling activities and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility from a young age. These initiatives promote good recycling habits and empower communities to take active roles in creating a more sustainable future. Through education and engagement, we aim to inspire a collective commitment towards green practices, driving long-term positive change.

School Recycling League

Launched in 2023 as an annual event, the SembEnviro School Recycling League has brought together nearly 300 preschools, primary schools, and tertiary institutions to promote good recycling habits. This initiative aims to cultivate sustainable habits from a young age, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among students.

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ezi Recycling

We believe everyone can play a play in creating a sustainable future. With ezi Recycling, find out all you need to know about recycling at your fingertips, arrange for recyclables collection, and access convenient locations to drop off your recyclables.

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Zero-Waste Workshops

Through our Zero-Waste Workshops, participants engage in hands-on activities to identify various waste types and gain insights from our Circularity Consultants. These experts provide practical strategies to reduce waste and advance a circular economy, equipping attendees with the knowledge to implement sustainable practices.

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