Businesses have an important part to play in a nation’s water sustainability, especially for resource-scarce Singapore.

We customise integrated water solutions to meet every business’ sustainability needs. From centralised industrial wastewater management to distributed wastewater treatment and water reclamation services, customers trust us to solve their water challenges with targeted water sustainability solutions. Our team of water experts can help businesses achieve their sustainability targets.

*Denotes % of demand

Global leader in water solutions

From industrial wastewater treatment, to water reclamation and industrial water supply, we have the resources and expertise to meet every business need. We own and operate facilities capable of treating wastewater with high concentration and high salinity, ensuring a high and uniform standard of safety and efficiency throughout the value chain.

Water Reclamation

We pioneered the commercial reclamation of water from treated municipal and industrial wastewater effluent in Singapore. With a capacity of 50 million imperial gallons, our Sembcorp NEWater Plant produces enough NEWater to meet 12% of Singapore’s total water demand and is one of the largest reclaimed water plants in the world.

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Distributed Water Solutions

We customise sustainable water solutions for you with our extensive experience treating wastewater for industrial users. Our team of experts will design an optimal on-site water plant for you and bring you cost-effective solutions to achieve your sustainability goals.

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