A utility-scale solar farm generates large amounts of solar energy equivalent to a full-scale power utility. The solar energy generated is supplied to the local electricity grid operator and an offtaker can enjoy a steady source of renewable energy through a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Off-site PPA

An off-site PPA is a contract associated with the virtual supply of renewable energy generated from a utility-scale solar project, which is connected to the transmission network of Singapore’s electricity system.

With solar energy harnessed from Sembcorp’s utility-scale solar project, an off-site PPA arrangement is suitable for businesses with massive green energy requirements.

Sembcorp’s solar farm in Tuas


gross solar capacity


tonnes of CO₂ emissions avoided per annum


4-room HDB flats powered*


of rainwater treated per annum


Olympic-sized swimming pools reclaimed per annum

Sembcorp's solar farm in Tuas 

Sembcorp’s solar farm in Tuas is one of the sites under JTC SolarLand Phase 3. The SolarLand program aims to achieve three objectives: Overcome space constraints and high capital costs, optimise the use of industrial land to contribute clean energy, and reduce carbon footprint.

JTC issued a tender for the third phase of its SolarLand programme in February 2020, following the successful rollout of the first two phases at Jurong Island and Changi Business Park. Phase 3 maximises the use of over 56 hectares of temporary vacant land all across Singapore. Its system is made modular and flexible by using mobile PV panels and hybrid SPPG substations which can be redeployed when the land is needed for other uses.

Sembcorp’s Tuas solar farm is built across two sites and has a combined solar capacity of 17.6MWp. Estimated to be sitting on close to 10 hectares of temporary vacant land, it is also Singapore’s first solar farm with an integrated rainwater harvesting system.

Singapore's first solar farm with an integrated rainwater harvesting system

Our integrated rainwater harvesting system allows us to collect and neutralise rainwater so that the treated water can be employed for primarily non-potable uses, such as to further clean the solar panels onsite and for solar panel cooling purposes.

This system can treat up to 170,000m³ of rainwater annually, which equates to reclaiming an equivalent of 68 Olympic-sized swimming pools annually.

Watch highlights of the opening ceremony officiated by MOS Ms Low Yen Ling

Singapore's first solar farm with integrated rainwater harvesting system

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*Meeting the daily electricity needs of around 24,000 four-room public housing flats in a single discharge.