1. Tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I am Ritesh, and I am an Asset Manager, as well as the site-in-charge for SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited) 2 located in Gujarat, India. I chose to join Sembcorp about a year ago to challenge myself; I see the potential for growth in the sustainability business, and Sembcorp is reputable and a leading renewables company in India. My day-to-day includes having discussion with the operations, engineering and maintenance teams and government agencies. I also monitor and look at improving the performance of our wind turbine assets. This means that I work in cross-functional teams to ensure that all aspects of our wind farm are running smoothly, including safety, asset performance review and regulatory compliance.

Ritesh (3rd from the left) with his teammates

2. How does your role contribute to building a sustainable future?

One of the key things I do is to find ways to help our wind farm increase its overall performance. By making our wind farms perform more efficiently, it can increase revenue for Sembcorp as well as make the grid rely less on fossil fuels. One key challenge in operating wind farms is that they are constantly exposed to the elements. And if they are left unchecked over long periods of time, it can lead to mechanical failures and electrical faults.

Ritesh performing maintenance works on a wind turbine

Through our Virtual Brain, an analytics-based digital asset management platform, we can analyse historical data that we collect from wind turbines to take on proactive actions to reduce breakdowns. The data also enables us to deploy our manpower more effectively, given that our wind farms can cover a vast area; our completed SECI wind projects alone spans over more than 480,000 football fields. All these translate to our wind turbines running more reliably, and more green electricity is generated every day!

With a combined capacity of 800MW, the three SECI wind projects were completed in 2020, making us the first independent power producer at that time to do so under SECI’s tenders

3. Are there other sustainability initiatives that you are involved in?

One of my hobbies is to plant trees; at my work site in SECI 2, I initiated the plantation of 150 saplings. I also installed a drip irrigation system which helps to reduce water wastage and ensure that the plants are getting the optimum amount of water for growth. These trees can capture carbon back into the earth and provide greenery to our workplace.

The saplings thriving well at SECI 2

Outside of work, I reuse and recycle things as much as I can and avoid using single-use plastics. At home, I also made the switch from light bulbs to LEDs, which can help to reduce my household energy consumption. Creating a sustainable future to me is the key to happiness; I want to build a future where my children can learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment.