This is an important notice on fraudulent communications that have been made to members of the public, purportedly by or on behalf of companies within the Sembcorp Industries Group ('Sembcorp').

Sembcorp has become aware of incidents occurring outside Singapore whereby individuals and / or corporate entities have falsely represented to members of the public that they are authorised (variously as Sembcorp's affiliates, employees or agents) to recruit employees on behalf of Sembcorp and in connection therewith solicit the transfer / payment of sums of money purportedly for the costs of issuance of work permits or as service charges, etc. Kindly note that Sembcorp does not ask for nor require any payment from job applicants at any point in its recruitment process.

Kindly note that unilateral communication purporting to offer employment with Sembcorp and (whether at the stage of the initial offer or any subsequent stage) soliciting for transfer of money or making of payment by the offeree do not originate from Sembcorp and are not associated with Sembcorp's recruitment process. We advise members of the public not to respond to unsolicited offers of employment with Sembcorp and to report such fraudulent activities to the police. Members of the public may also email [email protected] for verification of proposals received.