Our innovative waste-to-resource solutions help the UK progress towards its sustainability goals.

Our energy-from-waste facility helps the country divert 440,000 tonnes of landfill waste every year, turning unrecyclable household residual waste into power.

Together with our Biomass Power Station, which utilises sustainably sourced wood and waste wood, these facilities produce power and steam comparable to energy from fossil fuels, with the added advantage of carbon savings of around 330,000 tonnes annually.

Wilton International

At our 2,000-acre site at Wilton International on Teesside, we supply electricity via the UK’s largest private wire network and specialist services to energy-intensive industrial businesses.

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Teesside, home to Wilton International, is a prime location for future decarbonised power, encouraging investment and supporting regional growth.

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Energy & Utilities

Wilton International's on-site power generation units and private wire electricity grid deliver essential energy services to customers located on the site. Sembcorp Energy UK is the operator of these secure, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable ready-to-use solutions required by energy-intensive businesses.

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Development Land

Wilton International offers large-scale, pre-consented land for industrial development – enabling investing businesses to deliver projects quickly and cost-effectively. Our customers also benefit from established infrastructure where 200 hectares are within the Teesside Freeport Tax Zone.

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