As the owner and operator of one of the UK’s largest portfolios of rapid-response, flexible power stations and battery energy storage systems (BESS), we help to ensure reliable power for the nation's homes and businesses.

Located across 45 sites in the UK, our flexible assets balance, stabilise and strengthen the country’s energy system, enabling the growth of renewables to support the energy transition. Our flexible assets and batteries enable the energy system to operate at a safe frequency, meeting energy demand.

At our Wilton International site on Teesside, we provide energy-intensive industrial businesses with combined heat and power (CHP) services via our private wire network that supplies electricity generated by gas and biomass.

We are committed to enabling the net-zero transition by attracting more customers that support sustainable supply chains, such as those working in the BESS, hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels sectors.

Energy Trading

In addition to power and utilities supplies, we are active in wholesale gas, power, and carbon markets as well as the system services markets.

Our in-house Energy Trading team operates around the clock to optimise our assets and improve their efficiency.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Wilton International

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