Present in: Singapore, China, Oman, UAE, UK

Industries are major water consumers, accounting for around 22% of global freshwater withdrawals. They are also key wastewater producers. As a leading water management specialist, we have the expertise to support businesses in achieving their water sustainability goals. Our solutions enable businesses with efficient industrial wastewater treatment and water recycling capabilities.

8.1 mil m³

Gross water capacity per day

From water reclamation to industrial wastewater treatment, we adopt a sustainability-first approach in our customised water solutions, which allow businesses to minimise liquid discharge and conserve their water resources.

We also have the track record of supporting businesses with sophisticated industrial processes to deal with the challenge of industrial effluents that are extremely difficult to treat, due to complex wastewater streams.

Our water capabilities

Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

We treat multiple streams of complex high concentration industrial wastewater, seamlessly leveraging technologies such as membrane separation and biological treatment.

In addition, all wastewater types are treated directly from source, without our customers having the need to perform any pre-treatment.

Jurong Island, Singapore

Full spectrum of water management solutions for leading petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemicals customers at Singapore’s energy and chemicals hub

Zhangjiagang Water Reclamation Facilities, China

Joint showcase project between the governments of China and Singapore in integrated water management

Seawater Desalination

We operate large-scale integrated power and desalination plants in Oman and the UAE. By applying various state-of-the-art seawater desalination technologies such as multi-stage flash and reverse osmosis, we provide communities in water-stressed regions with a sustainable supply of clean water.

Salalah Independent Water and Power Plant, Oman

The only integrated and energy-efficient power and water plant in the Dhofar region

Fujairah 1 Independent Water and Power Plant, UAE

One of the world’s largest hybrid desalination plants

Water Reclamation

We pioneered the commercial reclamation of water from treated municipal and industrial wastewater effluent in Singapore, turning it into high-purity water for power and steam generation, as well as for municipal and other industrial uses. Our innovative expertise in water reclamation provides a sustainable supply of quality water for future needs.

Sembcorp NEWater Plant

One of the largest water reclamation plants in the world. Recognised as Water Reuse Project of the Year at the Global Water Intelligence’s 2010 Global Water Awards

Zhangjiagang Water Reclamation Facilities, China

Using advanced membrane technology to provide customers with high-grade industrial water and desalinated water to reduce water consumption

Strong Technology and Innovation Capabilities

We use our expertise and network to drive partnerships and collaboration. By applying advanced technologies to our sustainable urban solutions, we meet the unique needs of our customers across industries.

Sembcorp Water Innovation Nanjing (SWING)

Incubating promising water technologies for market commercialisation in Asia to address key wastewater treatment challenges

Sembcorp Technology & Innovation Centre

A specialised centre to develop new processes and test-beds of emerging technologies such as Virtual Brain Water, our proprietary intelligent operations management system that is able to centralise the control of water facilities around the world