The United Nations describes access to quality education as fundamental to creating a peaceful and prosperous world. Our education and skilling initiatives are targeted at youths and adults, enabling them with the knowledge and skills to enhance their economic mobility and well-being.

Our key focus areas include improving the educational infrastructure for local communities, providing youth with access to market-relevant skills, and creating more opportunities for developing talent.

Working with government schools for children, we helped to strengthen educational amenities and digital learning tools. We support sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for school buildings, such as rooftop solar systems.

Our vocational training programmes for youths and rural women impart a broad range of relevant market skills such as agriculture techniques, tailoring, micro-entrepreneurship and basic IT literacy. An example is our Kaushalya programme, which is designed to train young people for employment and entrepreneurship.

Our Krishi Mitra initiative is a testament to our commitment towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The programme aims to make living environments inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The initiative targets farming communities around our operation sites to provide them with access to agricultural and livelihood enhancement services. These include our innovative, location-specific integrated/composite farming system, which has helped to improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the local agricultural communities.

Above data is for the period FY2022-2023