As a responsible leader in energy solutions, we aim to reduce the emissions generated by our business and also work towards improving our environment.

Climate action is a material sustainability factor for Sembcorp. In India, we align our efforts with the National Action Plan on Climate Change. Working in collaboration with our non-governmental organisation partners against climate change, we have launched a few initiatives targeted at environmental sustainability, including recharging groundwater levels and promoting sustainable agriculture through organic manure.

In line with our expertise, enabling a low-carbon future is one of our foremost priorities. An example of how we encourage the adoption of renewable energy is our contribution of energy-efficient solar rooftop systems to Museo Camera, a popular landmark in Gurugram which celebrates the art of photography.

We also actively engage in initiatives to improve environmental sustainability. Our programme for the development of a green corridor from urban wastelands is an example of our efforts to encourage afforestation, preserve biodiversity and help counter global warming.

At Sembcorp, our vision for a greener tomorrow drives us - both in our business as well as our commitment towards environmental sustainability and mitigating climate change.

Above data is for the period FY2022-2023