We view access to healthcare as a fundamental human right and a crucial foundation for any economy. Our commitment to improving access to healthcare for our communities focuses on promoting the importance of physical fitness, health and wellness.

In line with India's National Rural Health Mission, our initiatives are aimed at reaching the country's underserved rural population. We strive to achieve this through a community-based service delivery model to fill gaps in the healthcare infrastructure.

Working with local healthcare providers, we render primary healthcare services to rural communities across several states where we operate. A particular area of our focus is supporting eye treatments including cataract surgeries for those who are economically disadvantaged.

We also provide Mobile Medical Care Units to bring preventive healthcare services and knowledge close to the targeted communities.

Our support to improve access to critical primary treatments and preventive healthcare services has made significant impact. There is still much work to be done but we are encouraged by the positive difference to the local communities. Above all, the spirit of resilience in these underserved communities both humbles us and inspires us to do more.

Above data is for the period FY2022-2023